January 2011 | Canberra Cares Lost Toy Appeal

Story by Jodie Potter. Images by Tim Miller.

One of our founding members, John Tonkin, let us know that his Internet Service Provider, Netspeed, was helping with a toy drive for the kids who lost toys in the Queensland Floods. He asked if our club could do anything to help. So we asked our members to bring along a toy to Scotty’s Cotter Run. Thanks to all who donated, we had the back of Tim’s FC wagon and David’s EH sedan full with toys and games, and took them along to the organisers, Canberra Cares – Lost Toy Appeal. They were extremely grateful for the donation, and started sorting through the stuff straight away. A special thanks to the members who couldn’t make it to the run on the Sunday, but managed to get us their donations anyway. Especially those who sent toys via Australia Post!

Visit the official Canberra Cares site at www.canberracares.com.au

Canberra Cares Toy Drive

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