September Run to the Naval Aviation Museum – Nowra

The FE-HR Holden Owners Club ACT 22-23 September Run to Nowra will visit the Naval Aviation Museum at HMAS Albatross, Nowra (2 ½ hrs from CB).
*Overnighters* – depart Sat 22 Sep 12 midday @ BP Watson Federal Hwy.
*Daytrippers* – depart Sun 22 Sep 6.30 am @ BP Watson Federal Hwy.

We plan on driving to Nowra on Sat 22 Sep for an overnight stay at a local caravan park, then visiting the Museum on Sun 23 Sep, before returning to Canberra that afternoon.
Accomodation should be booked ASAP (it’s NSW School holidays!)- we have put some cabins on short term hold for club members – refer to recent email to club members re booking and location details.
This should be a great run, and a fun overnight stay. We already have a number of families that are keen. Of course day-trippers are most welcome too – though it would be an early start!
Museum opens 10:00am on Sunday.

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