FE-HR Holden Owners Club ACT | Incorporated 1987
Postal Address: PO Box 867 Civic Square ACT 2608 Australia
Dinner Meetings: 6:30pm 2nd Thursday of the Month, Canberra Deakin Soccer Club
Email Contact:  info@OLDGMH.org.au (info “at” oldgmh “dot” org “dot” au)
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Club History
Incorporated in April 1987, the FE-HR Holden Owners Club ACT was originally created to cater for Holden enthusiasts that prefer the 1956-67 models introduced after the FX-FJ’s and before the first Holden factory V8’s. To celebrate our 25th year, membership was opened to anyone that has an interest in any Holden model, whether their vehicles are original daily drivers, restored show cars, modified street machines or modern vehicles.

Club Events
The club hosts monthly club member activities and participates in local and interstate runs and displays with many of the Holden Car Clubs of Australia. The club has hosted several ACT Holden Day events and during Easter 2005, the 10th FE-FC Holden Nationals in Jindabyne NSW. The club also hosted the 9th ACT Holden Day in 2007 and the 8th HD-HR Holden Nationals in 2009.

Membership Applications
Club membership is $50. The club also offers Online Membership for $10 for those Holden owners that live outside the Canberra region. Online Members receive electronic copies our monthly magazine via email.
Download | Membership Application Form | March 2011

Club Magazine
More than 300 issues of our club magazine Pist’n’Broke have been published since the club formed in April 1987. Pist’n’Broke is distributed to Club members at each General Meeting and mailed to those members that are unable to attend. The Club also emails the magazine to those members with an email address. The Club exchanges Pist’n’Broke with many other Holden Car Clubs in Australia. Pist’n’Broke regularly includes committee member reports, national and local events calendar, holden classifieds, website reviews & feature articles.

Members can have access to a restricted members only group “FE-HR Holden Owner Owners Club ACT Inc.”.   This group is made available to share constructive club related images and posts.

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Club Forum
Our club members regularly participate in an online forum hosted by the FE-FC Holden Car Clubs of Australia. Our club has a members only section which features updates on the latest club news and events and allows members to discuss various topics. The Forum also features a wealth of restoration and modification advice, information on interstate member cars and reproduction parts, general classifieds and discussion.

Technical Information
Club members are available to provide newcomers with technical advice on authentic restorations and custom modifications. Some members have decades of mechanical experience and many club vehicles have received awards at local and national events. Over the years, our club magazine Pist’n’Broke has featured various technical articles providing members with advice.

Club Trailer
In 1992, the club purchased an FB Holden station sedan and undertook a major project to convert into a trailer to promote the club at official events. The front section was removed and the wagon painted in club colours and signwriting. The club trailer was used for 15 years at club events and displays.  A 2011-12 restoration has restored the trailer to gleaming roadworthy condition, and it has become a regular crowd pleaser at recent events.

Club Sponsor
Barker and Barker Law

Concessional Registration Scheme
Our club is affiliated with the Council of ACT Motor Clubs enabling members access to the Concessional Registration Scheme (CRS). The CRS is co-managed by the Council and ACT Urban Services to provide concessional registration for veteran, vintage and historic vehicles as briefly summarised below:

  • The Owner must be an active financial club member (6 months minimum)
  • The vehicle(s) should not be modified and must be more than thirty years old
  • Travel is restricted to Council and Club approved events
  • All trips must be recorded appropriately in a log book that is kept in each vehicle
  • The vehicle and log book must be authenticated each year by the Club Registrar, and
  • Other CRS and Club-specific conditions

PLEASE NOTE that if you have a vehicle on concessional vehicle registration and your club membership lapses, your registration will be deemed invalid and your vehicle unregistered.

Rare Spares Discount
We have access the Rare Spares club loyalty program

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