Committee Members are nominated from and elected by Club Members at our Annual General Meeting.

2020-21 Club Committee

President | David Ridge
Vice President  | Julius Goboly
Secretary | Michael Griffin
Treasurer | Michael Pilger
Social Secretary | Minos Nikolaidis
Magazine Editor | Carole Nichols
Website Editor | Timothy Miller
Club Registrar | Graham Pryce
Council of ACT Motor Clubs –  Delegate | Julius Goboly


Life Members

Club Members that have been in the club for at least 15 years and have held a position on the Committee for at least 8 years are eligible for nomination for life membership. Nominees must have been a continuous member for the minimum 15 year period and must have held the position of either President, Secretary or Treasurer during their time on the Committee.

Graham Pryce | Life Member 2008 | Joined 1987 | Committee 25+ years.

Colin Tierney | Life Member 2010 | Joined 1988 | Committee 16+ years.

Julius Goboly | Life Member 2018 | Joined 1987 | Committee 16+ years.

Jodie Potter    | Life Member 2018 | Joined 1995 | Committee 16+ years.

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