Incorporated in April 1987, the FE-HR Holden Owners Club ACT was originally created to cater for Holden enthusiasts that prefer the 1956-67 models introduced after the FX-FJ’s and before the first Holden factory V8’s. Now celebrating 25+ years, membership is open to anyone that has an interest in any Holden model, whether their vehicles are original daily drivers, restored show cars, modified street machines or modern vehicles.

Membership Applications

Single membership is $40 and family membership is $45. The club also offers
Online Membership for $10 for those Holden owners that live outside the Canberra region.
Online Members receive electronic copies our monthly magazine via email.

NB. Membership is due 1 July every year. Vehicle consessional registration membership must both be current or the vehicle is deemed unregistered.

Download | Membership Application Form | March 2011

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2 Responses to join

  1. John Beath says:

    Hi, I don’t have a printer. I could send my membership pdf form if you have an email address.

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